The eye of the Dajjal.

Q. With regards to the Dajaal, the Khateeb mentioned in the khutbah today that the Dajaal will be blind in his right eye and as I read on the internet according to Sahih Muslim reported by Hazrat Huzaifah said that the Dajaal will be blind in his left eye. Can you clear this up for me please?

A. In the compilation of Imam Bukhari and Muslim from the tradition of Abdullah bin Umar (R.A), it is narrated that while speaking, about the Dajaal, the Prophet (S.A) said, ‘he is blind in the right eye which is like a protruding grape.’

In another version by Muslim, on the authority of Huzaifa (R.A), it is stated that the Prophet (S.A) said, ‘Dajaal is one-eyed, the left eye being stone blind, with curly hair. (Sahih Muslim).

Imam Ahmad has narrated on the authority of Anas bin Malik (R.A) that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Dajaal is blind in his left eye with the word ‘Kafir’ written between his two eyes.’ (This is a sound tradition which fulfills the hadith requirements of Imam Bukhari and Muslim).

Imam Ahmad has also narrated on the authority of Safi’nah (the servant of the Prophet) who said, ‘Allah’s apostle delivered a sermon and said, ‘All prophets warned their nations of the Dajaal. He is blind in his left eye, his right eye has a thick pellicle and the word Kafir (Kufr) is written between his two eyes’. (Ahmad).

Imam Ahmad has quoted other traditions from different companions which states that the Dajaal is blind in the left eye. While commenting on this Hafiz Ibn Katheer has stated, ‘In some Ahaadith it is related that the Dajaal is blind in the right eye, and the left eye has also been so described. Accordingly, it may be that blindness occurs in both eyes and that one eyedness means deficiency and imperfection. This is supported by At Tabari’s narration, on the authority of Ibn Abbas who said, ‘The Messenger of Allah said, ‘He (Ad Dajaal) is wary, shiny, bright, his head looks like branches of a tree, his left eye is obliterated and the other looks like a protruding grape.’

While reconciling between the two narrations, Ibn Katheer writes, ‘Probably, the intended meaning is that the one eye is blind in itself and the other is implicity blind because of its bulging out, and Allah knows best.’ (Ad Dajaal – Hafiz Ibn Katheer Pg. 50-51)

In a similar manner, Allama Nawani has written in his commentary of Sahih Muslim, ‘It has been narrated in a tradition that the Dajaal is blind in his right eye and in another tradition is ‘blind in his left eye’. Both these traditions are authentic, since the word ‘blindness’ implies that both would be defective. One would be totally blind, there would be no light in it, and the other would be raised, apparent and swollen, which would also be weak and defective in sight.’ (Al Kamil by Allama Nawawi – Chap. The mentioning of Ad-Dajaal).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan