Etiquettes of going to the Toilet


Asalaamu Alaikum
Can I get some information concerning covering your head and feet to enter the toilet. Is this authentic?



Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Yes, it is authentic that when entering the toilet you should cover your head and feet. In this regard, Imam Baihaqi (RA) has recorded the narration of Aisha (RA) in which she said, ‘When the Prophet (SAS) entered the toilet he would cover his head’. (Sunan Al Kubra). In another narration, Habeeb bin Salih has narrated, ‘When the Prophet (SAS) entered the toilet, he would wear shoes and cover his head’. (Sunan Al Kubra). It is based upon such traditions, (while mentioning the etiquettes of going to the toilet), the great scholar, Hujjatul Islam, Imam Al Ghazalli (AR) has written, ‘And you should not enter the toilet bareheaded and barefeet’. (Bidayatul Hidayah pg.10; Ihya-ul-Uloom(Arabic) vol.1 pg. 187).

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan