Dua for a pious child when having relations.

Q. I was told that there is a prayer or dua that I can say before my wife and I have sex in order to have a pious child. Presently both of us say bismillah just before penetration. I don’t know if I was mis-informed? Or what I am presently doing is wrong?

A. At the time of copulating, you should recite:-

Bismillah Allahumma Jannibnash shaitana wa Jannibish Shaitana Ma razaqtana.

Translation: In the name of Allah. O Allah, save us both from the mischief of the devil and keep the devil away from the children you grant us.

At the time of ejaculation, you should recite:-

Allahumma la taj’al lish shaitani feema razaqtani naseeba.

Translation: O Allah, let there be no share for the devil in what you grant us.

Saying Bismillah was correct.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan