Green Olive (681-7203) #83 Bamboo Settlement, #2 Valsayn (South) (7th Jan 2019) All chicken, ducks, beef and lamb.

Meat Hook Ltd. (388-2805) El Socorro Main Road San Juan (25th Sep. 2018)

All chicken, beef, duck, lamb, goat and products.

Fine Choice Meats Ltd. and Heat and Eat Ltd. (643-8860) San Rafael, Arima. (5th Mar. 2018) All broilers, parts. Heat ‘n’ Eat Products.

Arawak & Company Ltd. (642-9405)

  1. a) D’Abadie (26th May 2018)
  2. b) Arima (26th May 2018) All broilers and products.

As-Salaam Distributors (708-7897) Manrick Street, Sangre Grande (8th Dec 2018) All broilers, layers, ducks etc.

Al Ahsan Distributors (345-3415) #47 Butler Village, Waterloo Rd, Carapichaima. (16th Jan 2018) All broilers, layers, ducks, beef, lamb, goat etc.

Amir Mohammed Quality Meats  # 65 Chin Chin Road, Cunupia. (20th Oct 2018) All broilers, ducks, beef, lamb, goat etc.

 Edmund & Nick Enterprises (719-8583) #11 Serenity Park, Assaraff Rd, Charlieville. Arawak chicken and parts. (14th April 2018)

Naisa Brand Products Ltd (665-3078/9) #23 Bejucal Rd. Cunupia. (16th July 2018) All frozen beef, lamb, goat and other meats. Also all processed products, bologna, patties, chicken, beef and lamb hot dogs and Jamaican patties