Description of Angel Jibraeel.

Q. Please describe the Angel Jibraeel.

A. Angel Jibraeel like other angels is created from light and can assume any shape Allah allows for him. In his original shape, angel Jibraeel has many wings and is a very big, huge angel. The Quran itself describes Jibraeel (A.S) as a very strong and powerful angel.

He has been entrusted with the mission of communicating Allah’s words and messages to all Prophets and has also been given the assignment of helping them.

Allah has also chosen him to bring destruction to past nations when they became disobedient and in this way, he destroyed many cities and people upon the command of Allah.

According to the Holy Quran, Jibraeel (A.S) has been given the mission of descending on the earth with a party of angels on the night of power (lailatul qadr).

Angels including Jibraeel, (A.S) are neither males nor females. They are free from the desires of food and drink and do not procreate. They are also free from the qualities and vices of human beings. They do not posses the vices of hatred, envy, anger, pride/arrogance, and are not oppressive and unjust to anyone. They are free from committing all types of sin, major or minor and they do not disobey Allah in the least.

They continue to be absorbed in the worship of Allah and do not become fatigue.

In general, they are chosen and special servants of Allah who carry out their duties without fail.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan