Commiting actions of kufr and shirk.

Q. The saying of “I find it annoying” about something beyond your control, for example “There were no dates available for the exam in the two months, I find it annoying”, is this a statement of kufr? I mean despite there were no dates for scheduling available in one country (as was the Will of Allah, and being able to schedule an exam elsewhere later on), and finding it annoying – does this constitute kufr due to being displeased with the decree of Allah (even though one was not displeased, and is fully submitting to His will, but instead just a slip of the tongue and saying “I find it annoying” after not being able to schedule an exam)?

When making fun of mushriks and kafirs (idolaters, etc…) concerning their practices and beliefs, if one makes an imitation of a Hindu when they greet each other (Nammasteh gesture, palms placed together and placing it opposite their head, throat, or chest towards other humans) just to ridicule their practice, does this take one out of the fold of Islam for doing such a gesture?

If yes for any of the above, what steps are necessary in order to enter the fold of Islam (shahadatain and ghusl?) if one exits due to shirk and kufr?

A. The statement, ‘I find it annoying’ is not connected to kufr nor does it indicate to the displeasure with the decree of Allah when it is used ‘for other people’ or ‘to other people’. It may happen that a person may do harm to another, or due to his negligence another one may experience some sort of difficulty. On account of these, an individual may become upset or disappointed (with the action of others) and may use this statement to let the person know how he/she feels about the situation. In this case (these cases), the statement does not lead to kufr and it is not one which expresses one’s displeasure with the will and decree of Allah. However, if one uses this statement about an act which is directly connected to Allah (and is not due to the mistakes and errors made by others), then it can lead to kufr and may reflect one’s displeasure with Allah’s decision. For example, if upon rainfall, one says ‘I am annoyed that the rain is falling at this time’ or upon the sickness of someone, a person says ‘I am annoyed that you have fallen ill at this time’ or upon the birth of his baby (in an unhealthy state), he says to his wife ‘I am annoyed that you have given birth to such an unhealthy baby’. All these and similar statements may lead to kufr since they all indicate to one’s displeasure with Allah’s decree and decision. They also bring about the act of questioning Allah’s authority and actions.

It is not permissible to make fun of other people, whether they are Muslims or not. We are also prohibited from making fun of the ‘objects of worship’ and ‘practices of non Muslims’. This however does not take a person out of the fold of Islam. It is a sin, and against the teachings of Islam, but not a matter of kufr. Hence, to imitate a Hindu in the manner you have described would not take one out of the fold of Islam. It is sinful and must not be done.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan