Checking the end of menstruation.

Q. In order to see the end of menstruation, do we have to see the colour of secretion till it becomes white or colorless, by checking with tissue even if there is no secretion on the pad, or do we have to do ghusl when bleeding stops even though the secretion is yellow?

Also please tell me, if the secretion is clear and one does ghusl and then within 10 days from the start of menstruation, the secretion again becomes yellow or brownish, then do we have to do ghusl again?

A. If at the ending time of one’s menstruation, the secretion begins to show the color of white or it is colorless, then it means that the menses have stopped. As such, a woman must take a bath and begin to perform her salaah again. This can be done by checking the color on the pad.

If the secretion is yellow then it means that the menses have not stopped. As such, a person will not take a farz Ghusl if the secretion continues to come as yellow. When this secretion stops, then one would take a bath for purity and begin to perform Salaah.

With respect to the second question, if one sees the yellow or brownish secretion again within the 10 days (from the start) then you will have to do Ghusl again.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan