Celebrating birthdays.

Q. What is the mas-alah regarding celebrating birthday and why are we not allowed to celabrate it?

A. The customary celebration of birthdays is a non Islamic tradition that came from the non Muslims. The Prophet (SA) has warned the Muslims repeatedly, that they should not follow the customs and practices of the Jews and Christians and so, we do not celebrate birthdays. It is however, allowed for one to feel happy on the date of his birth, and people can give him gifts to express their happiness. If he wishes, he can also invite others for a meal to share this happiness. These however, should not be taken as a celebration of one’s birthday, nor should one venture into the ‘birthday party’ type of conduct. Doing what is allowed is permissible, however, one must refrain from following the customs/practices of the non Muslims.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan