Quality Caterers (780-9780) #159 Union Rd. Marabella. (14th Jan 2018) Caters meals for all occasions. Dine in or take away – variety cuisine, breakfast and lunch.


Burger Bites (477-8578) Kanhai Road, South Barrackpore. (9th Nov 2018) Caters Beef, Chicken and Lamb burger patties.


Anisa’s Patisseries (482-1987) #52 Kanhai Trace Aranguez, San Juan (9th Jun 2018) Samosas, Indian delicacies and sweets.


Deli Delights Ltd. (663-3908) #26 Rattan St. Bamboo Sett. # 2 Valsayn (27th Feb 2018) Samosas, burger patties and pastry pies.


Zahir’s Desserts  (790-1744) No. 124 Bonito Street, Lange Park, Chaguanas (9th Jun 2019). All cakes and pastries


Jameela and Fazeela Catering and Asma’s Roti (674-3344) Evelyn Trace, El Socorro Rd, San Juan (28th Jan 2018) Take out roti skins, Indian delicacies, samosas and sweets.


Khan’s Homemade Sweet & Savoury (674-6660) #3 Calcutta Street, San Juan (15th June 2018) Indian delicacies, samosas, sweets.


Sweetie Pie (675-2967) #52 Moulah Trace, Aranguez Main Road (14th Feb. 2018) Samosas, Indian delicacies, sweets, cakes, etc.


Flaky Treats (776-5616) #61 Ali Drive, Off Johnny King Road, Aranguez. (7th May 2018) Samosas and pastry pies.


Abdul Ghanny Caterers (362-5148) (19th April 2018) Samosas, Pastries, Snack Foods.


Behtareen Cuisine (713-4232) Lp # 13 Warren Munroe Road, Warrenville Cunupia (25th Jan 2018) Authentic Indian Cuisine.


The Weekend Caterer (672-9573) Ferose Ali Crescent, Brianna Ave, Off Munroe Rd. Cunupia. (4th May 2018) Indian delicacies and desserts and variety cuisine.


Nazra’s Homemade (669-0953) Mary Allen Street, Kelly Village, Caroni. (22nd May 2018) Finger Foods, Fast Foods, Pizza, Burger Patties, Sweets, Cakes etc.


Flora Catering Services  (671- 2360) 111 John Street Montrose, Chaguanas (17th Mar 2018). Catering for all occasions, Variety cuisine.


Taj Catering Service (773-8531) ASJA Avenue, Charlieville. (22nd May 2018). Catering for all occasions. Variety cuisine.