Ali’s Fast Foods (748-1859) #264 Southern Main Rd. Cunupia (Jan 2012) All chicken, beef, goat and ingredients.
Boons Fry Chicken (298-3005) 94 Hugh St, Montrose Chaguanas. (July 2012) Chicken and Ingredients.
Chick-n-Licious Home-style Fried Chicken (331-3637) #2 Endeavour Link Rd (Oct 2011) All chicken, beef and ingredients.
Chit Chat Coffee House & Flowers TNT (680-9660) #20 Leotaud St., San Fernando. (Jan 2012) All chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and ingredients.
Kristal’s Fried Chicken (733-6315) SMR MC Bean Couva (June 2012) All chicken and ingredients.
Fadish Fast Foods (768-2443) #188 Southern Main Rd. Marabella (Feb 2012) All chicken, beef, goat, duck and ingredients.
Japs Fried Chicken Ltd. (691-5884) (Aug 2011)
a. Sangre Grande (374-5822)
b. Valencia (374-5829)
c. St. Helena (374-5875)
d. Rio Claro (374-5866)
e. San Juan (374-5855)
All chicken and ingredients
Mountain View Fried Chicken (397-7614) Corner of Queen & Sorzano Streets, Arima. (Oct 2011) All chicken and ingredients.
Nick’s Café (672-7272) Caroni Savannah Rd. Charlieville. (Nov 2011) All chicken and ingredients
Nics Fast Food (680-2111) #11 Jerningham Jct. Charlieville (Feb 2012) All chicken and ingredients.
Papa Mens Kitchen (358-0030) #102 Charlotte St. P.O.S (Feb. 2012) All chicken, goat, lamb, beef and ingredients.
Sahara(782-9796) #123 Mission Road Freeport (March 2012) All chicken, duck, goat, lamb and ingredients.
Sali’s Halal Diner (671-8323) 18A Sumaria Tr. East Charlieville. (Sept. 2011) All chicken, beef, lamb, goat and ingredients
Shameel’s Food Place (317-3889) #502 Rochard Road, Penal (June 2012) All chicken, duck, lamb, goat and ingredients.
Urban Curry Café (474-7474) Food Court, Gulf City. (Mar. 2012) All chicken, beef, lamb, goat and ingredients
West Indian Food Hut (722-7830) #163 B Munroe Rd, Cunupia (Feb. 2012) All chicken, goat, lamb and ingredients.
Zippys Tasty Chicken (730-4813) #312 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado (May 2012) All chicken, lamb, goat, beef and ingredients.