Burning of lobhan to repel evil.

Q. This question is about the burning of lobhan. My son at times gives me trouble to eat food and he at times disdains it. Over time nothing I did seemed to work and one day I carried him by a person to dua him. I saw a big difference in him and he told me to light lobhan in the house. When a family member saw me doing so, he rejected to the burning of lobhan to help the child and told me this should not be done as it has nothing to do with the sort and it is a mere scent. Could you please clarify if it is permissible to burn lobhan for the chasing away of evil and its effects or is it haraam and bidah.

A. I do not know to what extent (if any at all) the scent/smoke of lobhan can chase away evil jinns. Dua’s, Surahs and verses of the Holy Quran are from among those things which the Prophet (SAS) has taught. So, my advice to you is that you recite the Surahs and verses that are beneficial for this purpose and blow on the child.

From among that which is evident in the Ahadith to be very good in repelling evil, some are:-
1) The first and last ruku of Surah Baqara.
2) Ayatul Kursi
3) Sura Ikhlas, Sura Falaq and Sura Naas.

You can read these and blow on the child during the day, and especially when the child is about to sleep at night.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan