Boys College Alim Course

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Requirements for a Foreign Student

  • Students must travel on a one-year round trip ticket.
  • Students must bring the necessary money to cover the following:
    X-RAY: $35.00 USD.
    MEDICAL: $35.00 USD.
    STUDENT VISA: $60.00 USD (Caricom Countries ONLY).
    STUDENT VISA: $200.00 USD (Non Caricom Countries).
    BOOKS: $150.00 USD.
    CUPBOARD: $100.00 USD.
  • Students must provide personal items, such as mattresses, sheets, blankets, soap etc.
  • Students should walk with money for personal necessities and medical care.
  • Students must provide birth certificate along with all other certificates acquired during educational pursuit.
  • Students between the ages 16 and 18 must provide a custody letter from the Magistrate Court, stating that parents are giving custody to Darul Uloom T&T for their children to study at Darul Uloom T&T Ltd.
  • After acceptance, a student’s acceptance letter is sent to the student. This acceptance letter must be presented to the Immigration officer at the airport upon entry to Trinidad and Tobago. Passport information is needed to issue this letter.