Going on a boat cruise.

Q. Is it permissible to go on a boat cruise? I will not go to the pool nor will I go to any club. My intention is to go to relax and visit the different countries.

A. If you are traveling by boat from one place to another, then you are regarded as a traveler and there is no harm in this, provided that you follow the guidelines of the shariah. However, when you go on a ‘boat cruise’ the entire nature and purpose of your presence changes and you become part of what takes place on the boat cruise, even though you may not participate in any wrong act.

Based on our knowledge, a boat cruise is normally a planned trip which is filled with lots of entertainment and other activities which are all unlawful in Islam. The open intermingling between the sexes, the singing, music, dancing, consumption of intoxicants, etc., are all part of the activities that are present in the planned boat cruise.

Becoming part of this is actually condoning the wrongs that take place and hence, not permissible in Islam. The Shariah does not tolerate the presence of Muslim men and women in places where such haram/unlawful activities take place.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan