Why blood donation is considered as impermissible?


Why blood donation is considered as impermissible? Blood donation is mean of saving life of human.
I have read in Qur’an that one who saves the life of one person, actually he has saved the life of whole mankind.

Someone told me that it is impermissible because blood is Imana’t of Allah. I believe that everything is imana’t of Allah.

I am totally confused why scholar consider this mean of saving life(i.e. Blood Donation) as impermissible?


Human blood is a part of the human body and when taken out of the body it is rated a impure. As such the transfusion of blood from one human body to another would be forbidden for two reasons:-

(a) Allah has ordered that the human body be treated with respect and this act is contrary to that respect..

(b) Blood is a grave impurity and the use of impure things is not permissible.

However, taking into consideration the conveniences and allowances given by the Shariah under conditions of compulsion and in general, treatment of diseases there will some allowance in certain cases. It will not be permissible under normal conditions, however, under compulsive conditions it will be allowed. Compulsive conditions mean that the patient faces a life or death situation and no life saving drug turns out to be effective or is just not available, and there is a strong likelihood that the patient’s life would be saved through the blood transfusion. If these conditions are met, then blood donation will be permissible, based on the Quraanic injunction which clearly permits the saving of one’s life by eating the flesh of a dead animal if compelled by necessity.

The jurists of Islam have outlined the following injunctions with regards to blood transfusion:

1. Blood transfusion is lawful when there is a necessity for it and where there is a definite risk to the life of a patient, and in the opinion of a specialist doctor there is no other way of saving his life.

2. Blood transfusion is also lawful when there is a need for it, that is, there is no risk to life but in the opinion of a specialist doctor restoration of health may not be possible without it.

3. When blood transfusion is meant only for additional benefit, that is, there is no risk to life nor danger of the disease being prolonged, it is not permissible at all.

The sale of blood is also not permissible and as such it is not lawful to trade in blood. However, if the conditions that make its transfusion lawful are present and the blood is not available without paying for it, then it is lawful to buy it. But it is not proper for the donor to accept the price.

Blood transfusion of a non-Muslim person into the body of a Muslim would be valid and permissible. But it should be avoided whenever possible. Similarly transfusion of the husband’s blood will be permissible to the wife and this would not affect their marital status.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan