The Awrah Of Men According To Imams Shafi, Ahmad And Malik (A.R).


Assalamu Alaykum

What is the awrah of men inside Salah & outside Salah in front of men & women according to the 3 schools of thought other than the Hanafi School of Thought? Are thighs & knees included in the Awrah under other schools of thought (inside & outside Salah)?




Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

According to Imam Malik (A.R), the awrah of men in Salaah is the grave private area alone. This refers to the male’s genital organ and testicles and his rear private part. As for outside Salaah (in front of men and women) the awrah of men according to Imam Malik (A.R) is from between the navel to the knee. The thighs are awrah, and a part of the knees attached to the thighs will also be awrah.

According to Imam Shafi (A.R), the awrah of men in Salaah, in Tawaaf, in front of other men and in front of Mahram women is the area between the navel and the knee. According to him, the navel and the knees are not awrah. However, it is essential to cover a part of the knee because the thighs are awrah, and also cover a part of the navel so that the covering of the complete awrah will be done. The thighs are included in the awrah, in Salaah and out of Salaah. Imam Shafi goes further to state that the awrah of a man in front of women who are not his Mahram is the covering of the entire body. When a man is in total seclusion all by himself, his awrah will be his private organs.

Imam Ahmad (A.R) says that the awrah of a man is the area between the navel and the knees. However, the navel itself and each knee is not awrah. The thighs are awrah. This is the same for inside salaah and outside Salaah.

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And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.