Amount of silver to be worn by men.

Q. I was always told that men can’t wear gold but they can wear silver. However now someone told me that it is only 10g of silver the men can wear. Can you please tell me how true this is and draw reference from quran and hadiths?

A. The allowance for men to wear silver is evident from the traditions of the Prophet (SAS). In Sahih Al Bukhari, it is mentioned that the Prophet (SAS) had a silver ring which he used as a Seal. Other traditions also show that he allowed men to wear a silver ring. However, in all these traditions no specification has been given with respect to the amount of silver used in the ring.

It should be understood that only a silver ring has been allowed for men. Chains, bracelets and other forms of jewellery are not allowed for men even though they are made of silver.

Wearing a watch is out of necessity, hence, it is permissible.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan