Advise for a new Muslim


Salaams Brother/Sister
I am 14 years old a new Muslim and recently I have been falling back on my practicing I haven’t said my prayers in a couple months and when I started back recently i only got in the Fajr prayer. Also when I come home on evenings from school I know I am to say my prayers but I just don’t get that drive any more. Are there any suggestions that you can me to get back on track?



Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

You should always remember that Salaah is compulsory upon you, and to neglect it will be a grave sin on your part. The Prophet (SAS) is reported to have said that the distinguishing mark between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is that of Salaah. This means that if you do not perform salaah, there would not be any feature and mark that distinguishes you from an unbeliever. Imaan is in the heart and only Allah can see this. However, it is essential upon you to practice upon the laws of Allah to be called a believer, and the greatest good action (after Imaan) is Salaah. Neglecting Salaah brings about a terrible punishment in the hereafter, and in this world a person’s life will not be blessed. Every time you decide to miss your Salaah, think about the fact that if Allah takes your life at that moment, what answer will you give to Him for neglecting your Salaah. Think about your reckoning before Him on the day of judgement. Will He judge you as a true Muslim or as a hypocrite? Will He judge you as an obedient servant or as an open transgressor and sinner?

Think for a moment that you need Allah’s blessings, guidance and favours every minute and second of your life. If you displease Him through disobedience, you will incur His anger and wrath upon yourself and you will be the one to suffer.

Being punctual in your five times daily Salaah is the sign of a true believer, while neglecting these is a sign of hypocrisy. Performing your Salaah brings goodness, joy happiness and comfort in your life. Through the performance of your five daily Salaah, Allah makes everything easy for you in this life, and He removes difficulties and hardships.

Therefore, I urge you for the sake of Allah to be punctual in your five daily Salaah.


And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan