Accompanying the wife in the delivery room.

Q. Is it permissible for a husband to go with his wife into the delivery room to witness the birthing process? Is it permissible for a female relative eg. the girl’s mother or mother-in-law to go with her into the room while she is giving birth?

A. The ‘awrah’ (concealable parts) of a woman must not be disclosed without a valid reason to do so. Similarly, no one is allowed to view the ‘awrah’ except those who must view it based on necessity.

Based on these guidelines, it shows that the only person/persons who can be given the allowance to be with the woman in the delivery room are the doctors/nurses etc. Besides them, there is no valid need/necessity for anyone to be in the room, where the viewing of the woman’s awrah will take place.

It must be understood that Muslim women are required to conceal their grave awrah from other women also, including their near relatives. As for the husband, there is no hijab/concealing between him and his wife. However, Islamic etiquettes require that he allow his wife full privacy for the delivery process. Viewing the delivery of the baby has also been proven to have negative effects on the husband’s relationship with his wife afterwards.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan