A Few Guidelines For A Taleem Session

Question: Asalaamu alaikum…. i would like to start a taleem session at my work place with the ladies who are working alongside me…can you give me some pointers on how it should be done….its going to be once a week for about 15 to 20 mins during our lunch break… jazakAllah.

Wa Alikum As Salaam,

This is a very good act you are starting. Allah will bless you for it, and will make it beneficial to all those who attend.

Since you are now beginning to do this, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Read such Ahadith  or literature that encourages one to practice Islam.

  2. Read such material that shows the beauty of Islam.

  3. While conducting the Taleem, do not read in a manner that shows that you occupy an authority over others.  Do your Taleem with humility and sincerity.

  4. Include yourself in the advice you may give to the other ladies. For example, instead of saying, ‘You should do so and so’ say, ‘We should do so and so’.

  5. Do not say or read material that tend to rebuke or reprimand others, and do not make those present feel that they are not ‘practicing’ or ‘good Muslims’. Speak good about the small good things they may do and encourage them to do more.

  6. If someone needs to be corrected, then do not do so infront of others. Do it while alone with the sister, with love and wisdom.

  7. Do not go beyond the time you have set.

  8. Do not allow ‘Ole talks ‘ or ‘gossip’ to take place at your session.

  9. Always have Ikhlaas (sincerity) in what you do.

    With these, I hope and pray that your Taleem sessions will be fruitful and beneficial.

    And Allah Knows Best.

    Mufti waseem Khan.