Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen (Part 6)








  1. And We sent not against his people after him a host from heaven, nor do We send (such a thing).
  2. It was but one Saihah (shout) and lo! They (all) were silent (dead-destroyed).

These verses mention that for the destruction of the people, Allah did not send an army of angels from the heaven, nor was there a need to do so. Instead, Allah instructed Jibraeel (A.S) to give a loud scream which destroyed all of the unbelievers.

While explaining these verses, the commentators have stated that the verses indicated to the fact that the destruction of these people  was a very light and petty matter for Allah. There was no need to send an army of angels to destroy them. Only one loud scream from an angel was sufficient to destroy all the people.

Having destroyed the people for their conduct towards the messengers and prophets, Allah says:


  1. Alas for mankind! There never came a Messenger to them but they used to mock at him.

Here, Allah states that those who disbelieve and deny His prophets should express sadness, sorrow and disappointment over their own state. It is unfortunate on their part, and a matter of grief and sorrow for them since they will be made to suffer the punishment of Allah for their denial and disbelief. No prophet came to them except that they denied him and ridiculed him. This was the conduct of the people to whom the messengers came, and is the conduct of the unbelievers in every era and every place. For this, the unbelievers will suffer a grievous punishment in this world and the next.

The above verses sent a message to the unbelievers of the Quraish who disbelieved in the Prophet ﷺ. They should take a lesson from what happened to the people of the city when they denied their messengers, and should accept the path of guidance before the punishment of Allah dawns upon them.

SuraYaseen goes further in verse 31 and states:


  1. Do they not see how many of the generations We have destroyed before them? Verily, they will not return to them.

Here, Allah informs man that He has destroyed many nations in the past for their disbelief and their wrong doings. Hence, the unbelievers should take note of this and protect themselves from being destroyed in a similar manner. They should also know that those who were destroyed were not able to return to the world to make amends for their deeds. The destruction of Allah came to them suddenly while they were rejoicing in their disbelief and in ridiculing and taunting the prophets. They were ruined and were removed from the face of the earth, and did not get the chance to return to the world.

This was a clear message given to the Quraish of Makka. They were requested to look at what happened to the disbelievers of the past and follow the path of guidance brought by the Prophet ﷺ.

SuraYaseen continues in verse 32 and states:


  1. And surely, all, everyone of them will be brought before Us.

Here, Allah informs everyone that each and every person, past and present, shall return to Him. All shall be presented before Him for reckoning and requital on the Day of Judgement. At that time, rewards shall be given to those who did good deeds, and each person will have a retribution for the wrongs he did.

All the nations of the past and those yet to come in the future, shall be brought before Allah for accounting on the Day of Judgement.

While commenting on this verse, the great exegete Abu Hayyan writes, ‘This verse was mentioned after highlighting the destruction which came to the people, as an indication to the fact that in the hereafter, those who were punished in this world would not be spared. They also would have to face the reckoning and accounting, and will be further subjected to the terrible punishment in the hereafter. (Tafseer Al Bahr Al Muheet vol.9 pg. 64 Dar Al Fikr Beirut 1992)

The above explanation goes to show that those who received (or may receive the punishment of Allah in this world), will also have to face the punishment in the hereafter. Their punishment will not be limited only to the worldly punishment, instead, it will also be extended to the hereafter.

SuraYaseen goes further in verses 33-35 and states:




  1. And a sign for them is the dead land. We gave it life, and We brought forth from it grains, so that they eat thereof.
  2. And We have made therein gardens of date-palms and grapes, and We have caused springs of water to gush forth therein.
  3. So that they may eat of the fruit thereof, and their hands made it not. Will they not, then, give thanks?

The above verses place before man signs to show and prove that Allah is All Powerful over everything. It is He who has created all things, and just as He gives life to the barren/dead land, He also gives life to the dead. He therefore, has complete control in resurrecting man and bringing him back to life on the Day of Judgement.

As evidences for His Divine power, Allah places before man the condition of the dry and dead land which has no vegetation and crops. It is lifeless and parched, and nothing can be seen growing on it. However, Allah revives it, and  sends rain upon it, which brings it back to life  after it was dead. Crops, grass and vegetation begin to grow and flourish. Foods, fruits and vegetables of all kinds begin to grow, thus providing food for men, birds, animals and every living creature. Pure and fresh water also comes from the heavens and gushes from the earth for the livelihood of all creatures. These are from the favours and bounties of Allah which He provides for man. He gives them to eat and drink in abundance, and does not deprive them from their sustenance.

About this, verse 35 stated, ‘so that they may eat of the fruit thereof and their hands made it not’. It means that Allah has provided everything from the grains, dates, grapes, foods, vegetables and water for the benefit of man. As for man, he did not create these, and he had no power to restore life to the dead earth, to cause crops and vegetation to grow and to cause them to flourish. It is Allah alone, who, out of His Divine power, will, compassion and kindness has provided all these favours for man. Therefore, in return for these, man is required to be grateful to Him, to worship Him as the only God, and to believe that he will be resurrected and brought back to life  to account for his deeds.

As mentioned by Imam Qurtubi, ‘In these verses, Allah draws man’s attention to the fact that He revives the dead (and so, He will revive him also after his death). He reminds him that He is One and Alone, who is All Powerful over everything. (Tafseer Al Qurtubi vol.15 pg. 26 Maktaba Rasheediya Queta Pakistan)

SuraYaseen continues in verse 36 and states:


  1. Glory be to Him, Who has created all the pairs of that which the earth produces, as well as of their own (human) kind (male and female), and of that which they know not.

Like the previous verse, this verse also provides evidence to show that absolute power belongs to Allah alone. He is so great and powerful that nothing is difficult for Him. All glory, praise and honour belong to Him. He is pure and free from all defects and deficiencies which the unbelievers attribute to Him. He alone deserves to be glorified and magnified for the beauty and marvel which He has placed in His creation. Out of  His complete wisdom and understanding, He has created all the pairs of that which comes from the earth, human beings and from things that are unknown to man.

‘Pairs’ as mentioned by many commentators refer to all the different species and types of things which Allah has created. Thus, it means that in any specific creation, Allah has created all the different types that are connected to it. Hence, Allah has created all the different colours that exist. He has created all the varying tastes, and has created every form, shape and figure. The statement mentioned in the verse which states, ‘From that which the earth produces’ refers to the fact that Allah has created every and all the different things that can be produced from the earth. This includes the date palms, trees, crops, fruits etc.

Further it is mentioned, ‘of their own human kind’. This means that from among humans, Allah has created different types, like the male and the female. The verse also states, ‘and of that which they know not’. This means that there are many different things which Allah has created in the land, sea, skies and earth which man do not know about. Thus, it is Allah alone who has created all things, and designed these with different shapes, colours, tastes, and types for the benefit of man. As such, no partner must be associated with Him. (Tafseer Al Qurtubi vol.15 pg. 27; Tafseer Mazhari vol.9 pg. 368; Tafseer Al Baghwi vol.4 pg. 12)